We work hand in hand with owners and designers to create bespoke luxury superyachts.

Current Projects

84m Luxury Trimaran

The 84m Super Yacht project is now well underway at Echo Yachts and boasts the accolade of being the largest ever super yacht project undertaken in Australia. It is also one of the larger Trimaran Super Yacht ever undertaken in the world. It is styled externally and internally by award winning Sam Sorgiovanni Designs, and Naval Architecture designed by One 2 Three Naval Architects.


46m Shadow Vessel

The 46m shadow vessel currently being built at Echo Yachts is being built with cutting edge laminates and building processes, which have proven to produce high quality molds at a  fraction of the man hours traditional mold making methods take. This vessel also can boast being the largest ever vacuum infused vessel built in Australia, and one of the largest GRP vessels ever to be built in Australia.